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Investment, scientific work, medicine, pharmacy,
development and production of medicines

About company

SKY GROUP was established in 1997 as an investment company. SKY GROUP focuses on perspective project in different areas including construction and production of construction materials, medical equipment development.
As a first step Medical Complex SAI-01-B used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases urogenital area had been developed in 2001. In 2002 a few biologically active additives to food had been developed and launched on the market.

Since 2003 SKY LTD focused efforts on research superior scientific innovation. SKY LTD worked in close cooperation with leading research laboratories and institutions. SKY LTD concentrates their efforts in the field of immunology, oncology, gynecology and rheumatology.

SKY LTD is developing very innovative medicines transforming promising scientific ideas into products ready for launch on the market

The transformation of advance molecular medicine and biology in practical solutions to health care, utilizing the potential of natural compounds

Core competence

  1. The concentration of efforts on creating drugs that have significant competitive advantages in the areas of unresolved medical problems
  2. Developing innovative solutions using the most advanced science and a deep understanding of medical problems
  3. Focus on quality of the preclinical and clinical studies for building a solid evidence base
  4. Integration of key competencies in various fields: science, management, drug registration, clinical research, marketing, etc.
инновационные лекарственные препараты, перспективные научные идеи

656015, Russia, Altai, Barnaul, Lenina str., 69
Tel: +7 (3852) 61-67-27, 61-23-00, 61-69-91 fax: +7 (3852) 24-75-60
e-mail: skyltd@ab.ru