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Investment, scientific work, medicine, pharmacy,
development and production of medicines


SKY LTD is a biotech company specializing in developing innovative drugs and their further promoting in the pharma market.

We perform a full cycle of drug development, including pre-clinical studies, development of dosage forms, clinical studies and authorization of drug products for clinical use.

Our approach to the development of new drugs is based on Russian scientists’ molecular biology achievements.

Our mission is to create a portfolio of drugs demonstrating competitive advantages in solving significant medical problems along with commercial success.


656015, Russia, Altai, Barnaul, Lenina str., 69
Tel: +7 (3852) 61-67-27, 61-23-00, 61-69-91 fax: +7 (3852) 24-75-60
e-mail: skyltd@ab.ru