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Investment, scientific work, medicine, pharmacy,
development and production of medicines



History highlights

SKY LTD was founded in 1997 as an investment company.

In 1998, a research laboratory was established in Moscow, and qualified experts were hired.

Starting from 2001, we have been investing in promising medical projects. SAI-01-B medical hardware whose concept is developed by professor AI Stupko turned out to be the first in treatment of chronic inflammatory genitourinary diseases using the method.

A number of biologically active food supplements based on plant raw materials have been developed and registered.

In 2003, SKY LTD focused on investments in scientific research in the field of molecular biology. To this end, we worked side by side with leading institutes, laboratories, and clinical institutions in Russia and focused our efforts on inventing new drugs in the field of immunology, oncology and gynecology.

In 2008, we obtained authorization in Russia for immune adjuvant Stimforte treating herpes virus and furunculosis.

In 2010, our portfolio was renewed with hepatitis B drug product.

At the same time, active research is underway to create a drug to treat endometriosis.

In 2014, together with Belmedpreparaty RUE (Belpharm), we obtained authorization in Belarus for Endoferin drug product that was developed by us and is one-of-a-kind all over the world. A year later, Belmedpreparaty RUE (Belpharm) started manufacturing Endoferin at their production facilities.

At the end of 2017, SKY LTD started activities to obtain authorization for Endoferin in Russia.

Our portfolio is steadily updated with new scientific developments and research in the field of immunology, gynecology, oncology, and infectology.

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