Инвестиции, научная деятельность, фармацевтика,
медицина, разработка и производство медицинских препаратов


SKY LTD is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in medicine discovery and development of innovative treatment solutions. Our company performs complete cycle of preclinical drug development to the creation of finished dosage forms. Our approach for new drug discovery based on advances in molecular biology and chemistry-based technology utilizing scientific potential of Russian researchers. We are focused on developing a portfolio of product to serve unmet medical needs.

656015, Россия, Алтайский край, г.Барнаул, пр.Ленина 69
Тел.: +7 (3852) 61-67-27, 61-23-00 Факс: +7 (3852) 24-75-60
e-mail: skyltd.barnaul@sky-ltd.com